Females With Strong Body Odor: The Causes And How To Treat It

It’s early in the morning. You are rushing to work or school. You bump into a colleague, and strike a conversation. You exchange pleasantries. And phew! Your nostrils and every bit of your smelling nerve start an internal rebellion against you. They can’t stand the smell. In obedience, you contemplate how to abruptly but politely cut the conversation. A familiar scenario, right? On the flip side, you meet a colleague, you start a conversation but the colleague quickly cuts the conversation or steps back. Probably, you had an odor.

What is Body Odor?
It is any smell from your body that others find unpleasant. Naturally, every woman has an odor. And unique for that matter. The difference is in the smell degree.

Which Body Parts Should You Consider?
-Groin and genitals
-Skin (sometimes)

What Are The Causes?
The causes vary, but common ones are;
-Bacterial action after sweating.
-Excessive spicy foods
-Hormonal imbalances
-Diseases and infections
-Age and life stages

What Are The Treatments?
Avoidance depends on the cause. Generally one can do the following;
-Maintain good body hygiene- Regular bathing cleanses oils and sweat
-Moderate use of spices if a must- Some spices cause certain smells when ingested
-Use of body deodorants and antiperspirants- Helps in checking bacterial action on sweat
-Regular brushing of teeth and tongue- Important in removing left over food particles which later on break down
-Avoid smoking- Tobacco has its own smell when absorbed by the body
-Chew fresh-breath gums- Will help in maintaining that fresh breath
-Proper management of diseases and infections- Some diseases come with certain smells. You need proper management to rid you off the unpleasant smell
-Seek medical attention if odor is persistent- Some body odors are medical problems. You need a medical check-up if it is persistent.

Body odor is normal occurrence. The pungent and persistent one is what needs attention. You can have a pleasant odor by adhering to the above key steps. Further, paying attention to certain body parts is also crucial. With this information, go out and enjoy life. What are you waiting for?

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